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Restful on eye, and a place for the whole family to plax and relax- it is hardly surprising that lawns feature in most gardens. Lawns inevitably add contrast to a garden, not only in terms of colour and variety, but also in height and space.

Using turf is the quickest way to get a new lawn. However, it needs careful preparation and care while it settles down. Turfing has more advantages than seeding. Apart from being almost instant, you can lay it at any time of the year when the soil is moist.

Gardening Service London provides a complete range of top quality turf, sod, grass and lawn garden services. From the levelling of your garden, through providing soil nourishment for your lawn to thrive, to the actual laying of a new lawn, you can be sure that the results will be exactly what you are looking for.

We can give you the lawn of your dreams, as we know how to do it. Our gardening services are well-known all over London, and you can easily get more information about them from our satisfied customers. Browse our testimonials page and see what they have to say about us and the results we've given them.

This is your chance to become a Londoner with a great lawn and garden. There isn't another landscaping company in London, which will offer you such a low price for services with such a high quality. Call now and take advantage of our turf and lawn laying services, or let us project a new garden design for your yard.

If you are interested in having a new lawn for your garden, contact us now on 020 3404 5109 and arrange your free initial visit where we can discuss your ideas and the options available to you. Alternatively, you can fill in the form Request a service online and we will contact you soon.

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"Just wanted to say that I had two of your guys over here today. They did an excellent job in record time. I went down to check on them and they were wrapping it up! I would definitely recommend you to people and will use your services again. Great Job!"

Mark, London, TW3

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