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Water adds a whole new dimension to a garden, creating a tranquil spot to relax, enticing wildlife and providing the environment for a host of different plants. There is no doubt that one of the most fascinating features, which can be constructed in a garden is the one involving the use of water. Anyone can be enchanted by the look of fish and the movement of the water created by a fountain or waterfall. Simple designs can be very effective, however for our more ambitious and demanding customers who require split-level water features with waterfalls, we offer more complicated projects.

Gardening Service London specialises in garden maintenance and we can provide small-scale landscaping. We don't do paving, major landscaping,decking, fencing, brickwork or any other larger landscaping work. Our small-scale landscaping work usually takes place in the winter and spring, when things are quiet and the plants are dormant.

Our landscape gardening services are set up to provide service weekly, monthly or every two months for a set price determined by a visual inspection of your property, rather than an hourly rate where there is no guarantee what you will pay for. To make an initial visit in your garden and discuss your requirements, please call us or fill in the form: Request your service.

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"Just wanted to say that I had two of your guys over here today. They did an excellent job in record time. I went down to check on them and they were wrapping it up! I would definitely recommend you to people and will use your services again. Great Job!"

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